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Arlington, VA


First of all, I love Freakwater. And I'm from Louisville, so I love them doubly.

I saw them last year here in Arlington and loved the show. I liked last night's show but have some queries and observations - I wonder whether what I'm about to say reverberates with anyone.

I know they have an excellent new album out, but I felt like I was watching a Freakwater White Album show - of a group about to break up? I mean, there seemed to be zero communication between Catherine and Janet - zero. Catherine barely made eye contact with Janet and had her back to Janet whenever she wasn't singing into the microphone? Were they fighting? What's going on? Catherine seemed remote, detached - phoning in her performance like an automaton in a salmon-colored cowgirl suit. Janet seemed to be teary-eyed, straining to engage Catherine, visually.

I thought it might be the last night of the tour and both were worn out or something, but it's very much the middle of the tour --- what's up? Has anyone else noticed this?