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i saw freakwater last night.
outstanding. the woman playing the flat-top acoustic had a sweet blue pant suit on. she looked super tuff. so did their bass player who lit a cigarette before every song. anyway, there isn't much left in the world for us anymore, but it's so reassuring to see a group of people putting themselves out there and not faking it. it's also totally sadthat communication has been broken down to anonymous garbage like this, but where are we to find others. the ones who think and dream like we do. when you fuck the world, you fuck yourself with it. i suppose you could inflate your ego and claim some sort of martyrdom, but heroes are for saturday mornings and church goers. it is far easier to sink back into thecesspools of our own delusions and parrot away another day in our lives. damned if freedom don't feel like prison. well, sorry for the drama, i guess...whatever. have a great weekend.


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