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Alt. Country? Kentucky Blues? Moonshine whiskey? All I know is this Chicago/Louisville based band has a penchant for writing (and covering) great songs about life.

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2002 Gigs?
Check for dates on the
billions.com Freakwater tour page.

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Thrill Jockey Freakwater tour page

For more info (or other questions about the band), bother billions.com on their message board

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Freakwater at Schuba's in Chicago 7/27/2000 -

fuzzy memories (pics) + Setlist


 Freakwater's End Time named no. 3 on Amazon.com's top 100 albums of 1999 "Freakwater's fifth record is an outright masterpiece. Yet another antidote to Nashville commercialism, End Time brings us an entire suite of provocative originals from the indie band, who twang their unmistakable, plaintive harmonies against a motley assortment of Dobro, mandolin, fiddle, keyboards, drums, and strings. The pinpoint imagism of their brooding lyrics is razor sharp and full of startling, Dylanesque turns of phrase, giving depth to Freakwater's ragged and haunted beauty."

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