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I've got to write this while I've got the right idea. I just came from seeing Freakwater in San Diego, at the Casbah. My second time around for this wonderful experience. I'm not the letter writing type...but.....this was too cool. You guys get better every time. Am I a sucker or what? No other band of this ilk, can even come close to that cool country vibe you guys produce. It doesn't hurt that I have a major crush on Catherine Ann either. Can she get any cuter? I don't think so.

Anyhow.....thanks again for filling my craving for country indi style. Unfortunately we don't get much of that down here. And I hate to go to L.A. for almost anything.

Keep up the good work. And keep me posted on any Freakwater stuff.... Does that make sense?????? I hope it does

...................Andy Present